Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I place my Safer Alarm?

The remote alarm is placed in a safe traditional location. Above doorways near bedrooms,etc. Somewhere you know it will be heard.

Where do I place the sensor?

Place our sensors in the highest risk locations in your home. Kitchens, laundry rooms, baby nurseries/home offices, basements. Place above any outlet in these locations (especially ones with loaded plug strips).

How far away from the Safer Alarm can the sensor be?

Our wireless signal travels up to 90 feet through walls and floors.

Does the sensor replace my existing smoke detectors?

Smoke and CO detectors are mandated by law in most cities and meet the minimum requirements. They must be installed. Our fire detector gives the consumer the highest level of protection by being in harms way at the source.

Do I need sensors where ever I currently have smoke detectors?

Our sensors are designed to go where smoke and CO detectors cannot. Our sensors can be sacrificed in the fire and our remote will continue to sound meeting existing building codes.

Is there a battery in the Safer Alarm?

Our system is battery only and takes any regular AA alkaline battery (with a multiyear battery life).

How can I test that it's working?

The units will start to blink with a red LED when batteries are low. The remote will also (chirp) to let the consumer know to change them.

Will this tie into my security system?

We are in negotiations with major security systems to allow our products to be integrated with theirs.

Does this system contact the Fire Department?

Our product does not contact outside responders. We are concerned with getting the family out first.

If I move can I take Safer Alarms with me?

If you move or simply redecorate, our system is completely mobile and can be moved at any time.

Can I move the Safer Alarm and sensor once it's in place?

Yes, we provide a command strip which allows removal anytime.